About Us

Who Are We?

     Onsight is a rock climbing term. It means a clean ascent of a route on your first attempt. At Onsight Media, we seek to take this concept beyond climbing. We are a Video Production firm who seeks to reach your goals on the first attempt. Onsight. We pride ourselves on quality, speed, and above all else how we save money. I’m sure you have questions; keep reading.


How You Save Money

     You save because we save. Period. Our entire business model is based off lowering our overhead expenses in order to reflect those savings in our prices. Everything we do is based on that premise. For example: think about how video has developed in the last 20 years. Gone are the days of hiring a full 5-person video crew, van full of gear and all. Technology has developed so much the average cell phone can shoot better video than the best cameras 10 years ago. Whoa.


     Now think about how many media companies still operate under the old model. Each expensive camera they own, every square foot of studio space they rent, every crew member for a shoot… it all costs money. And those costs are reflected in their prices.


     Does that sort of model have a place? Of course, however, most people out there don’t need a top dollar production. In this day and age, content drives everything. It represents your brand. It draws clients and sales. It’s no longer a selling point, it’s an expectation.


“That’s all great, but how do you save?”


     By substituting the best, newest gear for the ability to use cheaper gear to its full potential, we dramatically affect pricing while barely affecting quality. This saves overhead costs.

    Another way we save is by purchasing plugins (premade effects) to add to videos. Why should I spend 40 hours on the clock making name key graphic, when I can buy 30 of them for the price of a nice meal? Simple behind the scenes tactics like this are the lifeblood of how we cut costs.


     There are countless other methods such as choosing to not rent a studio, filming on location, using natural light, etc… For now, I hope you see we truly do everything we can to save ourselves money, in order to pass the savings on to you, the client.